Alex fong dating songs about dating your bestfriends ex

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Alex fong dating

They now have eight duets: 好心好報, 好好戀愛, 十・分愛 (winner of the 2006 Jade Solid Gold 'Best Duet Gold Award'), 我的最愛, 重爱 (mandarin version of 我的最愛) , 七年, 同屋主 and 危城.

Aside from releasing albums and filming movies, Fong is also one of the hosts of TVB's hit cooking comedy show, Beautiful Cooking, along with Ronald Cheng and Edmond Leung.

Lau Sum Yau said, "I wasn't nervous or embarrassed because I knew he was a professional actor.

Living together for years, the pair was often asked when they planned to tie the knot.

It came as a shock when the pair announced their split yesterday.

Siu Fong said that he did not run away from marriage like in the film ALL MY GODDESS (NUI YUN WING YUEN SI DUI DIK); lead actress Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) revealed that she did not look upon marriage and love fondly.

Single again, Fong Lik Sun was considered hot property in the city. Recently he participated in the new film ALL MY GODDESS and finally found a "new lover" as he was assigned to romance goddess Lau Sum Yau.

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She admitted that her parents' divorce left a mark on marriage and love for her.