C dataadapter not updating No signing adult mobile chat

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C dataadapter not updating

Open(); var cmd = new Sql Command("SELECT * FROM TAGS$",connection To SQL); var da = new Sql Data Adapter(cmd); var b = new Sql Command Builder(da); foreach (Data Row r in dt. Update(dt); It's difficult to tell what is being asked here.

Row State to modified in an effort to invoke the Update. (Previous test show my SQL permissions and connection is good, I can modify the table.) connection To SQL = new Sql Connection(SQLConn String); connection To SQL.

Update(shugah Customer DS); (i assume that this will update the database) And to add some more doubt to myself, im following example in the book Visual C#. if you are using Binding Source with the Data Grid View, you should code (my code in vb but i guess you know what I mean) Customer Binding Source. Update(shugah Customer DS) If you are not using Binding Source Shugah DA. The application too didn't make any changes to the database after updating the Data Set.

Hi Samir The command Text was generated by VS itself i don't know why it append \r\n in it, anyway i've changed it (but still is not working) And yeah, i have a line Shugah DA. First open the Data Set in the designer, click on the table you are working on, click on the Table Adapter and check if it has Update command, check the command Text and if the Parameter is correct. Sorry was missing in action for 4 days, went to travel. Yes, my Shugah DA is oledb Data Adapter, and the dataset is generated at design time. If you still remember that i said i've been following an example in the book, i've just found out something is wrong in the example too.

Following is what have done to achieve: Code Comment Why is it trying to insert rows in database when they should be updated as they already exists in the Database? Update(d Table) method, when it triggers Update rather Insert?

Sql Data Adapter adapter = new Sql Data Adapter(select Str, conn); Sql Command Builder builder = new Sql Command Builder(adapter); adapter.

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I wrote the code below, which doesn't error..it doesn't work..data is updated.

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