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Help everyone else save a little money if they are not willing to accept that.Scams target online dating services, you must coloring, rather than on the overall health of republic take the steps.We've collected some of the most unusual niche dating sites on the web.Tell us if you've heard of others by clicking "Add a Slide" below.They had to grow up, and be "men of the house", and be strong and masculine, immediately... They're men that, because of this lack of coddling, have become very powerful, but don't understand how to incorporate loving, physical relationships into their lives in a more 'normal' way, and so they reach to the extreme- they put themselves into a helpless mindspace, and embrace infantilism. Someone else MUST love them through the tantrums, someone MUST come ot the rescue.your assistant Agatha is there with your diaper bag on the table!If you were dating someone and found out he needed diapers for sleeping at night, or anytime restrooms were not convenient, such as amusement parks where lines for rides are long, long car rides, etc.

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So are any of you crazy kids out there into this stuff? We still chuckle about him wearing diapers from time to time. I can't back that up, as it's not like I've read research, but I HAVE belonged to some very open-minded communities (both online and in RL) at which I sat back and observed this particular fetish coming into play.

If so, please enlighten the masses and tell us what you get out of this? From what I understand, it has something to do with how children were raised 40-60 years ago- boys weren't allowed to cry, they weren't allowed to be children.

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I have known women who had boyfriends that were into that sort of thing. Apparently her ex boyfriend was into infantileism and she enjoyed it.