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Born to proud mother Karishma on June 10, the young calf weighed in at 130kg which is over 20 stone.Zoological director for ZSL Professor David Field said the Queen was 'absolutely delighted' to learn that the 72 stone Elizabeth had been named in her honour, during a demonstration of cleaning routines in the centre's barn."Back Chat", the title, is an English idiom referring to a "impertinent or impudent replies, especially to a superior".

Deacon had chosen a no-compromise method of eliminating any rock elements from his songs for Hot Space.

This act of defiance caused friction amongst fellow band members, particularly Brian May, who fought to retain at least some rock sensibilities in their funk diversions.

After heated debate, the band finally decided to include a guitar solo on "Back Chat".

Assistant curator of elephants Lee Sambrook, who demonstrated how keepers clean the animals' feet and inspect their teeth, said the Queen had been especially interested to hear about the round-the-clock care they receive, and compared it to keeping horses.

The custom-designed barn, which has one-metre deep soft sand flooring, is set among 20 acres of paddocks for the herd and has cost around £2million to construct.

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But Fifi remembers a time when she thought no one knew her name."I've always been a singer, but I only started to rap when about eight years ago," she tells The Juice in a chat recently.