Recipient policies not updating on exchange

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Recipient policies not updating on exchange

The policy uses rules to filter all the recipient objects and to selectively apply mailbox management settings to messages in folders that go past the limit of the predefined rules.The mailbox management process detects folders in a mailbox that contain messages larger than a certain size.To view help you can use Get-Help before any command, and you can append -examples, -detailed, -full, -online for further information.Get-Email Address Policy Lists and returns attributes of existing email address policies.Tim is an Exchange and Server Administrator MCITP, and an Office Communication Server MCTS.

Use caution when you use the Delete the message immediately option, because users may have to recover their messages.So, I said “easy fix”, but what if you have 25,000 users and are supporting multiple SMTP domains.We can use powershell to identify and disable the mailbox from having the EAP applied.You can also change recipient policy priority levels to change the way that multiple policies are adjusted.There is no default recipient policy for mailbox management (unlike the e-mail recipient policies).

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So for this example, let’s suppose we are migrating users from Exchange 2003 to 2010.

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