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Symbolically, teeth chew the of God, so it can be digested and made useful through application.

Chewing, or thinking about something, brings deeper understanding.

Dreams like flying, falling, teeth coming loose, running or being chased, having a baby, showing up naked, going to the bathroom in public … Chances are you have had one or more of these common dream themes.

One amazing way that God can speak to us is through our dreams at night.

Unfortunately, most people do not understand their dreams. ” After interpreting thousands of dreams for people, I began to notice patterns.

As per the Vedas, all the ordinary audible sounds such as sound we hear from bow and strings, waves against the shore, drum and stick, winds against the leaves, etc only create when they strike each other creating waves of air molecules, which we perceive as sound.

On the contrary, the sound of OM is not a result of vibration or striking of two objects. It is believed to be the primal sound of the universe that comprises of all the sounds within itself.

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