Updating oracle views

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It’s not something that should be used often, but it’s always worth considering if you can understand the trade-offs.

Historically, one of the problems of using summary tables has been the initial loading and subsequent updating of the summary.

A view is simply any SELECT query that has been given a name and saved in the database.

The method, the time required to complete the commit may be slightly longer than usual.

This is because the refresh operation is performed as part of the commit process.

Although you don’t need to use them the first time that you create a view, including them will overwrite an older version of the view with your latest one, without giving you an error message.

• The syntax to remove a view from your schema is exactly what you would expect: A view name may be used in exactly the same way as a table name in any SELECT query.

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In SQL Server, if a view’s base tables are modified, then the view’s indexes are also kept up to date in the same atomic transaction. Oracle provides something similar called a materialized view.

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