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"I think it's more Donald Trump is a brand — a big brand," Finchem said."And when you're asking a company to invest millions of dollars in branding a tournament, and they're going to share that brand with the host, it's a difficult conversation. So I think the difficulty there is more that and less politics," he said.In 2017, Jim retired from teaching the sport and passed the proverbial torch to the Seachrists.

Family Violence is defined as abuse among people who live together or who are related by kinship or trust.

DUBLIN, Ohio (AP) — Donald Trump is losing business to Mexico — a prestigious golf tournament at his resort at Doral.

The PGA Tour announced Wednesday that a World Golf Championship, which attracts the best players in the world and has been at Trump-owned Doral in South Florida since 2007, is relocating to Mexico City next year. We have a strong sense of fiduciary responsibility.

Fencing is an American sport enjoyed by thousands of enthusiasts ranging from club members to hard-core NCAA fighters and Olympians.

The United States is one of over 100 nations that comprise the International Fencing Federation and is an Olympic powerhouse.

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The effort includes the following strategic steps: The workgroup meets the second Monday of each month at a.m. A receipt will be provided and your donation may be tax deductible.